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Thank you for considering Heimberger Home Services Our main goal is to be the solution for all of your home's needs. We have served Phoenix valley homes for 10+ years.


I am a certified OSHA Outreach Trainer with an enormous amount of experience teaching and practicing safety. I have had the pleasure of teaching electrical and plumbing engineering at a local trade school; where I created and built their programs from start to finish.


Prior to my teaching experience I have been doing handyman work for hundreds of happy homeowners locally. We do not just serve private homeowners but also multifamily. Rentals are our bread and butter, as we work with many property management firms. Needing your rental to be in tip top shape? We are your 100% rent-ready go-to guys. Our staff is trained to do everything from A to Z, if there's something we cant do we have partnered with many great companies to do great affordable work. 


Many people ask "Why don't you charge more for your great services".. well, to be honest,  we started by helping friends and family, you don't charge outrageous fees and hourly labor to your grandmother do you? No. Neither do we! We keep our charges affordable and we will work with you however we can to do the job that fits your budget and time.

Other questions we get a lot are "do I need to call multiple contractors for my to-do list". No, you do not. let us do that for you. Most of the common things you'll need to have done can be done by us, if there are items that are out of our range we have partners we know and trust who will be able to. Don't fall into the trap of having multiple contractors working around one another because that's when things can get overlooked or done improperly. 

we are only a phone call away

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